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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 3, 2015 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- jon hamm, former nba star and analyst, jalen rose, music from bryan adams, featuring the 8g band with jon theodore. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? good to hear. let's get to the news. the kansas city royals beat the new york mets last night to win the world series -- [ audience boos ] so congratulations, kansas city, but why did you have to do this to new york?
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you already have so much. you have great barbecue, the liberty memorial, a world-class zoo, and what do we have? we're just the largest city in the u.s. [ light laughter ] the global center for economic trade. we have the statue of liberty, we have the tallest building in the country, and from what i've seen in times square, we also have the world's largest collection of people from kansas city. [ laughter ] it's the first time the kansas city royals have won the world series title since 1985. man, i can't even imagine what state kansas city is in right now. [ light laughter ] [ laughter ] not important. bernie sanders is spending $2 million rolling out his first tv campaign ad. two million and five dollars if
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[ laughter and applause ] bernie sanders, this weekend, took his three grandchildren new hampshire. or as fox news reported it, bernie sanders supports handouts for the unemployed. [ laughter and applause ] president obama today proposed an executive action to ban employment applications from asking about an applicant's criminal history. "thank you," said quizno's applicant, garrett mogul. [ audience ohs ] "gimme a break! i love sandwiches. they're my second favorite thing." [ laughter ] amazon is reportedly developing its own fashion line, because if anyone can make you look slimmer, it's the people who send one light bulb in a 6 foot
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[ light laughter ] a website in spain that uses google translate mistranslated a vegetable festival as the clitoris festival. [ laughter ] even worse, no one could find the festival. [ laughter and applause ] a canadian pharmacy had to apologize this weekend after accidentally handing out bipolar medication on halloween instead of candy. the victims say they're sad that it happened, but happy that it happened. [ laughter and applause ] that's right. a pharmacy handed out bipolar medication on halloween. then again, maybe it's your fault for taking your kids trick or treating at a pharmacy. [ laughter ] an ashley madison user is suing the adultery website for falsely advertising a higher number of female users than it truly had. and if you can't trust a website that helps you secretly cheat on
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[ laughter and applause ] and finally, a drunk woman in nebraska had to be hospitalized this weekend after she broke into a zoo, because she wanted to pet a tiger, and wound up being bitten by the animal. when asked how she is doing, the woman said "not grrreat!" [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you! [ cheers and applause ] this evening, he's one of my fantastic actor. jon hamm is back on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] how 'bout that? he is a basketball analyst for abc and espn. he has a new book, "got to give the people what they want." jalen rose stops by the show. [ cheers and applause ] and we will have music a legend. bryan adams joins us on "late night" tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he has a new album. very excited about. we mentioned -- we have mentioned a tough loss for the mets last night, eliminated from the world series.
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fan. one of my most painful -- one of my early, most painful sporting memories was the 1986 world series. where, among other things, bill buckner had the ball roll through his legs. and it was hard not to think about that during this world series, because the mets made so many errors that changed the course of the game. so many plays that, had they made the plays, the outcome would have been different. and for a long time, i hated the mets, because of 1986. irrationally, i'll admit. and yet after last night's game, you might have thought i was happy to see the mets lose like that. but i wasn't. i felt bad for mets' fans, because i've been there. i've been through what they were going through last night. so i guess what i'm saying is, if there's any take-away from this world series, it's what a wonderful human being i am. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] how much -- how much i have grown as a human being. and i think that will endure far longer than kansas city or
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[ laughter ] you know? years from now, people will say, "who won the 2015 world series?" "that doesn't matter. that's the year seth meyers -- what a good human being seth meyers was." [ light laughter ] now moving on, it was reported yesterday that representatives of the gop candidates met in a virginia hotel to discuss how debates could be run more to their liking. with more on how it came to this, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so republicans have been fuming since last week's chaotic and widely panned presidential debate on cnbc, which many have called a disaster. republican national committee chairman reince priebus went so far as to say this. >> obviously we have had assurances it was going to be straight-up finance, which is what they do every day. >> let me ask you this. could you imagine -- >> and what was delivered was nothing but a crap sandwich. [ laughter ] >> seth: and reince isn't wrong. it was a crap sandwich. but one of the problems is that
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any sandwich is crap if it has 14 or more ingredients. [ laughter ] we're going to put some ham on there, some salami, little bit of swiss cheese, lettuce, onion, mustard, uhh, peanut butter, throw a handful of skittles on that bad boy, maybe some clams. would clams be good on a sandwich? compare that to the next three-person democratic debate, which is a much simpler president on toast. [ laughter ] one of the many complaints from the candidates about the debate was the information shown on the jeb bush was reportedly upset with cnbc's decision to show his stint as a lehman brothers consultant instead of his time as governor. as well as their very surprising decision to list him as "current disappointment to entire bush family." [ laughter ] but that was still more flattering than the graphic for bobby jindal in the secondary debate that simply said, "who dis guy?" [ laughter ] ben carson went so far to suggest that the campaign should, quote, "strip the cable
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and broadcast television networks of the rights to carry the debate and instead air them over the internet, perhaps via facebook or youtube." or go to vine to watch a six-second video of ben carson explaining his position. >> i don't -- uh, i don't want to really get into the -- the -- describing. i don't -- [ laughter ] uh, i don't want to really get into the -- >> seth: oh, no, no, you've got to speed up, ben. it's only six seconds. so with the candidates unified in their desire for dramatic changes to their debate rules, representatives of their campaigns met sunday night and produced a letter to the tv networks with a series of questions about future debates. the networks must answer these questions before the candidates will agree to participate. so what sort of questions are the candidates asking? well, the first question in the letter is, quote, "where and when will the debate be held?" [ laughter ] have they not known where or when the previous debates were going to be? how were they even getting there? were people in a van just throwing hoods over their heads and not taking them off until
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they were at their podiums? although that would explain jeb's terrible performances at the debates. "oh, the lights! [ laughter ] i'm 7-0 in my fantasy league." another question asked in the letter, "will there be a gong, buzzer or bell when time is up? how will the moderator enforce the time limits?" i know this isn't up to me, but i vote gong. [ laughter and applause ] in fact, let's take a look at how the last debate would have gone with a gong. >> -- and be held accountable. >> thank you, we're out of time. [ gong sounding ] >> -- billions of dollars -- [ gong sounding ] >> we're at two seconds. >> let me tell you how the question -- [ gong sounding ] [ gong sounding ] >> let me tell you how that -- >> senator paul, i've got a question for you. >> you don't actually want to hear the answer, john? [ gong sounding ] answer? [ laughter ] >> seth: so much better. so much better with a gong. most disappointing was the question, "will you commit that you will not allow props?" because let me tell you, you haven't heard an argument for an
12:47 am
isolationist foreign policy, until you've heard it from rand and sandy. [ laughter ] but, of course, the biggest issue the gop candidates have is their claim that the networks are run by the liberal media and the moderators are obsessed with "gotcha" questions. so what exactly qualifies as a gotcha question? let's let ben carson explain. >> we should have moderators who are interested in disseminating the information about the candidates, as opposed to, you know, "gotcha! you did this, and well, you defend yourself on that." >> seth: so you just don't like questions where people ask you about things you did and said. gotcha. [ laughter and applause ] now, again, cnbc did not run a good debate, but there is no such thing as a well-run debate with ten people on stage. candidates need to start dropping out soon. and if they won't do it on their own, the rnc should do it for them --
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. please give it up to the 8g band. how you guys doing? wonderful to see you. [ cheers and applause ] also, making his return to "late night," on the drums from queens of the stone age, jon theodore is back with us this week. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back, jon. so happy to see you. now, we here at the show believe that no matter how different two things are, they can still have common ground, and to prove it, it's time once again for "venn diagrams." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you guys remember "venn diagrams." we take two seemingly separate groups and find out what they have in common. the new adele album is coming out later this month. on one side we have -- [ scattered applause ] yeah, the new adele album. on the other side, we have jeb bush at the debate. [ light laughter ] and in the middle, we have things that make you want to cry. [ laughter and applause ] fall. i don't have to tell you guys it's fall.
12:53 am
activities. next, on one side we have apple-picking. on the other side, we have hayrides. and in the middle we have, things people should pay you to do. [ laughter and applause ] oh, i'm sorry. i ride around the farm and give you money? okay. [ laughter ] moving on, on one side we have flu shots. on the other side, we have tinder. i wonder what this could be -- 50% chance you won't catch something. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] moving on. on one side we have ben carson's left eye. on the other side we have ben carson's right eye. in the middle we have -- oh, no, he's falling asleep again. [ laughter ] [ applause ] he's so sleepy. next, on one side we have daylight savings time. on the other side we have tequila. and in the middle we have, things that make you lose an hour. [ cheers and applause ]
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i know we just gained an hour, but that joke was too good to wait six months. [ laughter ] somebody else is going to snatch that joke away from us, so we fudged it a bit. i think we're all pretty happy we did. [ light laughter ] we can't use logic with writers on a comedy show! we want to do it now! but it doesn't make sense. [ laughter ] okay. well, obviously you inmates run joke. [ laughter ] at least that lady likes it. oh, no, that lady is the writer! [ laughter ] there we go. [ applause ] and finally, on one side we have jury duty. on the other side, we have spanx. and in the middle we have, things that are impossible to get out of. that's "venn diagrams." we'll be right back with more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guest tonight won the emmy this year for his portrayal of don draper on the hit amc series, "mad men." he also lends his voice to the animated film "minions," which is available for digital release november 24th and on dvd and blu-ray december 8th. please welcome back to the show, my friend jon hamm. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: woo! it is good to have -- >> oh! >> seth: jon hamm in the house! so happy about this. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love -- i love sitting down on the beat. >> seth: here you are, you're on the beat. we're doing a beat. now, you were -- you were at the game last night. >> i was at the world series >> seth: you were at the world now you are -- >> don't tell me who won. [ light laughter ]
1:00 am
you -- where your rooting was. you are a cardinals fan. >> i'm a cardinal fan and so i actively hate both teams playing in the world series. here's why -- >> seth: here's the why. >> in the '80s, the cardinals and the mets were always -- in the national league east, they were always going up for the pennants. so the mets would win, the cardinals would win, the mets had keith hernandez, who was a formal cardinal. >> seth: right. >> there's a lot of bad blood there. but then the royals, in 1985, beat the cardinals in the world series. >> seth: yes. >> on a disputed call. and to this day we have a problem with in st. louis. i won't get into it. [ light laughter ] they know what it is. >> seth: gotcha. >> and so i have -- i've got beef with both squads, so i was able to go to the game fully happy -- hoping both teams would lose. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. that's nice. >> so it was great. >> seth: you went to that game the way a bond villain goes to sporting events. >> whoever loses, i'm happy. >> seth: no matter what, i win. as long as there is sadness in the stadium tonight from either dugout. [ laughter ]
1:01 am
for this. that you've got your own -- they had jon hamm night at -- >> at busch stadium. they did. >> seth: you got your own bobblehead. [ cheers and applause ] now i have a question. >> it is not that big. it's like that big. >> seth: okay, but i have a question about your bobblehead. >> yes. >> seth: were you okay with them putting you in jeans? would you rather -- >> i was -- >> seth: would a full outfit have been weirder? >> i think what they ended up doing was, they had a bunch of matt carpenter bobbleheads left over -- >> seth: gotcha. >> and they were like, "i don't know, paint his lower half blue. we're all right." >> seth: so you think maybe they just did some head work -- >> it was fully repurposed. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> it was fully repurposed. >> seth: they were like, "let's honor someone who looks the most like these old bobbleheads." [ laughter ] >> it was kind of like a little riggle in there. >> seth: oh, yeah, they were -- if you would have said no, they had some other actors they were going to. >> they definitely had a backup plan involved. >> seth: so you -- congratulations, because this year, you, sir, are a winner. because you won an emmy -- >> i did. >> seth: for your don draper performance. [ cheers and applause ]
1:02 am
>> thank you. >> seth: you were -- [ cheers and applause ] you were -- you gave such a lovely speech. and i was sitting there thinking you're so good at winning, which was surprising, because you also have been so good at losing. >> oh. >> seth: you have lost so many emmys. >> i'm not -- well, i'm not good at winning, because i've had very little practice. >> seth: you had no practice. >> i've had a lot of practice at losing. >> seth: how many had it been? how many consecutive ls until the w? >> i was 0 for 15. >> seth: 0 for 15? >> we're getting into lucci territory. >> seth: yeah, you almost -- you were man lucci, that's what you were known as in hollywood. >> what a lovely name. hey, man lucci! [ laughter ] >> seth: you and poehler, a few years ago, you did a loser-themed emmy party. >> we decided we would test the fates, and we decided one evening -- randomly, we were like we're gonna -- we should have a losers party. >> seth: right. >> we hadn't lost yet. >> seth: but you were nominated. >> we were nominated. we were so certain we were going
1:03 am
to lose, that we were like, "we should throw a losers' party for all of the losers." >> seth: and you called it the losers lounge. >> called it the losers lounge, because there's -- hey, when there's six people nominated and one wins, there's five losers. so we were like, there's more losers than winners, they should get a party too. [ light laughter ] and why shouldn't it be our party 'cause then we can always get in, and we don't have to stand in line. [ light laughter ] and so we did. >> seth: but there was a punishment -- well, not a punishment, but you did -- like the winners couldn't just walk in to the losers party. >> if you won an emmy, you couldn't come. [ laughter ] sorry, guys. you got your own party. this is not for you. with the exception of, if you wanted to donate a pretty hefty donation to a charity of our choice, thank you very much. [ laughter ] then you can come. >> seth: you had to write a check -- >> at the door. >> seth: at the door. >> you cannot get in without a significant changing of hands -- >> seth: and you had to -- was it true you had to check your emmy? couldn't even bring the emmy in? >> don't even bring it. we don't wanna see it. [ applause ] we don't wanna see it. so i think we had a couple -- we did have a couple winners that showed up. i think tina showed up that
1:04 am
night. >> seth: gotcha. >> and there may have been a julia louis-dreyfus sighting. >> seth: right. >> but both of them were, you know -- >> seth: they felt charitable. they gave it up. >> they definitely did. >> seth: there you go. now, this year i will say i felt the room and i hope you felt the love. i think people were happy, especially because it was your last year as don draper. people -- it must have felt nice to be like, oh, my god, so many people are rooting for me to win this thing. >> well, i definitely -- i mean, having no experience to compare it to, it was unlike anything in my life. and it was super, super cool. obviously, with ms. faye announcing my name, which was very nice. we have so much history and friends and multiple shows together and all that stuff. that was sort of special. and then to turn around and see everybody spontaneously, i think -- i didn't check. there may have been a thing that said everybody stand up. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. a little electricity in the seats. >> ow. hey, we get it, yeah, happy -- jesus, that's not okay. >> seth: i don't know who -- i don't -- >> a & e? i don't know. that show's still on? >> seth: i thought sandberg, who
1:05 am
thing. >> andy was very sweet. he was clearly on my side, because he said afterward that i was pulling for kyle chandler. like, right on. okay, thanks. thanks, andy. >> a goodhearted joke. >> seth: now, you had -- i thought you executed so well on the final episode of "mad man", because it was an ending that was open to interpretation. very much like "the sopranos." and we have this moment where don has this vision of a coke commercial, a very famous coke what was your interpretation of what happened? did he find peace in california or does he go straight back to >> see, i mean, i was like -- this is the whole set up of the show. like, he has to go on this long kind of quest to figure out who he is. his life has fallen apart, which you've seen over the last four or five years. him. all of these things are changing and so what's left? like, all that's left is this guy. and basically he realized in this moment of zen, this weird irony, that what he is really good at is selling people things that they don't want. >> seth: yeah. >> and coca-cola represents all
1:06 am
so, it's this wonderful, awful irony of the whole show. but, yeah, i'm willing to bet that don draper was on a plane the next day back to work and was like, "i've got the great idea. let's go." >> seth: that's what the smile -- the moment of smiling and realizing that all these journeys and all these things this guy tried, nothing would ever make him happier than coming up with a great idea. >> yes. >> seth: and i thought that was so lovely. >> and realizing that and kind of being okay with it and all that stuff. you know, he goes through what he goes through. and honestly, the shooting of that -- of all of those episodes for me, it was interesting, because we spent ten years together as a cast. and as a show. and we got to be very, very good friends. and we're all still good friends. but the last four episodes of the show, i was on my own. >> seth: yeah. >> i was with, you know, day players and guest stars and people who i'd never met. and so i was sort of like on -- on an island all by myself and just -- and kind of doing it. >> seth: it must have been like -- it's almost like they were doing you a favor of the show's going to end soon we're gonna slowly wean you off of it. >> wean you off. >> seth: but you had a very
1:07 am
emotional phone call with peggy, lizzy moss's character. >> yeah. >> seth: and is it true that you were on the phone -- you got her to be on the other side of the phonecall? >> yeah, 'cause we shot that in actual big sur, california. which if you've never been there, first of all, go. it's beautiful. second of all, it's very remote. and so we couldn't get a lot of people there, we certainly couldn't get anybody there, you know, the other half of the phone call. so they wired in to this old-timey, you know, pay phone booth, which they don't even exist anymore. >> seth: right. >> an actual phone line to her cell phone somehow, through the magic of at&t. [ light laughter ] thank you. thanks, at&t. thank you very much. >> seth: stop schilling for your sponsor. >> thanks at&t. [ laughter ] solving problems together. at&t. we bring good things to life. i don't know what it is. but it was -- and it was great. because i was able to actually, instead of having someone just sort of reading off camera lines, i was able to read. but she was like in bed like with her cats crawling over her. she was kind of bummed out i woke her up.
1:08 am
like, "oh, god. all right, yeah, what page are we on?" >> seth: and you also had a fantastic -- another great cast you were part of this year, "wet hot american summer." a fantastic film. [ cheers and applause ] great film. beloved cult classic, comes back to netflix. wonderful series. we were talking backstage, a wonderfully well plotted series. you would not think would be in a show about sort of an '80s camp. you play an assassin named falcon. >> the falcon. >> seth: and the falcon, you and -- >> he's president reagan's go-to guy. >> seth: go to assassin. >> yes. because as we all know, reagan had an assassin on call -- >> seth: on call. >> throughout the '80s. >> seth: who also, i wanna note, took calls via pay phone. found in "mad men." >> same pay phone. they found it, they brought it back, and, yeah, it's so blissfully dumb, this show. >> seth: it is blissfully dumb. i wanna show -- you had a fight scene with chris maloney. >> oh, good. >> seth: who's also a very funny guy, but also like you, known for drama more than comedy. this is a great fight because it's so dumb, but it's also a
1:09 am
pretty good fight scene. >> i'll set this up by saying, chris got to rehearse this. i did not. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> so i got to show up onset, and they're like, "you ready?" and i was like, "for what?" they're like, "we're gonna do it." and i was like, "no, we're not, not at all. i am not ready for this." >> seth: well, it did not -- you do not look under-rehearsed. take a look. [ grunting ] [ clanging ] [ laughter ] [ grunting ] [ clanging ] [ laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic! [ cheers and applause ]
1:10 am
i mean, don draper is one thing, but the falcon. >> no kitchen implements were harmed in the making of that. >> seth: you embodied the falcon. thank you so much for being here, buddy. and congratulations again. >> thank you. >> seth: jon hamm! [ cheers and applause ] "minions" is available for digital release on november 24th and on dvd december 8th. we'll be right back with jalen rose.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a 13-year veteran of the nba, a
1:14 am
current espn/abc analyst, and the co-host of "jalen and jacoby" on espn radio. he's also the author of the new book, "got to give the people what they want: true stories and flagrant opinions from center court." please welcome to the show, jalen rose. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> really well. how are you? >> seth: congratulations on writing this book. i'm great. i'm so happy you're here. >> thank you. >> seth: now, you of course had a long nba career. you played for six teams. you played for the fab five at michigan, probably one of the more famous college basketball teams over the years. how did you first break into basketball? when you were a kid, how were you initially drawn to it? >> i fell in love with basketball when games were on tape delay. dr. j was my favorite player with the big afro. his name was j. >> seth: uh-huh. >> of course i started signing autographs, dr. j. that was me. >> seth: what age were you at? >> 5, 6, 7 years old. >> seth: okay, good, good, good. gotcha.
1:15 am
>> i was doing it from day one, okay? and then i fell in love with so i felt like, you know what i'm going to do, i'm going to take a couple hangers out of the closet, put them at the top of the door, tape them together and have an indoor hoop and that's what i did. >> seth: you were very diy in the beginning. do it yourself basketball. >> yes, absolutely. and then you transfer that to it on a telephone pole, you nail it, you basically cut three quarters of the way. you leave the back side in case make it all net to kick it back >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah, have a little kickstand. >> seth: what age were you when you finally got to play on an actual basketball hoop? [ light laughter ] >> the funny thing is, i actually never had an actual basketball hoop at my home. what me and my friends did, we built one. put a crate at the bottom. [ laughter ] okay. you have the wood at the top. hit the rim on there and before you know it, we did two of them. put the bricks on the back so it we had a full court. >> seth: if you hadn't made it as a basketball player, you would have made a hell of a carpenter. [ laughter and applause ]
1:16 am
leading up to that point. now, i want to talk about the fab five. we're at that place now -- such a memorable team to me. for those who are too young to remember, describe the fab five and the phenomenon that you guys were. >> ray jackson, jimmy king, juwan howard, chris weber and myself. they are the fab five. we are the fab five. five freshmen at the university of michigan. who, i guess, took the world by storm. >> seth: took the world by storm. >> yes, indeed. >> seth: and you were sort of -- you sort of began this new generation. you were known for baggy shorts. you were known for trash talking. it's funny when you look back now, because you had this bad boy image, how quaint what you did compared to what sports has become. but do you feel like you were sort of a break-through group of young men at the time? >> absolutely. i remember going to arenas, and at the time all they were probably playing was "whoomp! there it is." >> seth: yeah. >> stuff like that. so when reporters came into our locker room, we were playing things like n.w.a. and hard-core rap music. they judged us like -- >> seth: they're like, "whoomp, there it is." >> correct.
1:17 am
correct. and you said it, the long shorts, the black shoes, the black socks, the bald heads. we were a phenomenon and we appreciated it. >> seth: and you also played into it a little bit. >> yep. >> seth: you write in the book about a time you beat michigan state, obviously your in-state rivals, a big deal. you made a decision that you regretted, celebrating on a visiting team's court. >> absolutely. at the university -- >> seth: i'm sorry, their home court. >> yes, at the university of michigan, michigan state, and ohio state are our rivals. okay? so we beat them on their home court. great win. and i decided i wanted to go to half court and kind of put my butt on the "s." kind of wag my tail a little bit. but i didn't think about the fact that i have to walk out of here. [ light laughter ] >> seth: right. >> so before i knew it, they were throwing pennies and beers at me and things of that nature. >> seth: you did -- you acted out the farthest possible place from an exit you could. >> yes. yes. not really smart. >> seth: i went to a big ten school. i went to northwestern. would you consider us a rival? >> actually, one of the worse losses i had in my college
1:18 am
career was against northwestern. >> seth: really? i'm surprised to hear we would have beat the fab five. i had no idea. >> no. it was actually the fab four then. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah, absolutely. >> seth: and two of them were sick. [ laughter ] it was like a fab two. >> but y'all doing well in football. >> seth: yeah, that's not bad. i'll take that. i mean, not against michigan. but i'll take that. you were known, obviously, as a trash talker. and one of the things about your trash talking in this book i'm so impressed by, you mentioned you did research about people before you trash-talked. [ laughter ] and this is -- this is, in your level, this is the advance trash talking. because you can't just say something to somebody anybody would say. >> correct. >> seth: so tell me about your research process. >> if you're going to talk trash, you have to be knowledgeable. you have to come with facts that they haven't heard. and you've got to be ready for the body blow and then the head shot, if needed. >> seth: gotcha. so this is -- so you would learn family members' names? is this something you would do? >> yes, and this is obviously pre-social media. so i would look at all of the magazines, i would look at the game notes. i would find out your parents' names. your uncle that's in jail. your sister that was sick.
1:19 am
something that's going on in your family. the game, i'm bringing that up to you. >> seth: i can see it -- that would be very -- [ laughter and applause ] that would be very distressing. you talked a lot. you've been very vocal about, and a lot has been talked about this back in the fab five era, university of michigan made on the fab five and how little -- of course, you guys as athletes, a scholarship, you didn't receive any money. you feel strongly ncaa athletes should get paid. how would you recommend or what do you propose as far as how athletes get paid? >> there should be some sort of stipend for collegiate athletes. some sort of meal money, something that allows you to actually be a student and actually spend your own money. when you get recruited to go to a school like u of m -- my mother had struggles paying the you think, when i'm at school, i can send her the light bill and >> seth: yeah. >> it doesn't work that way. and we're young adults. and they're making multibillions think about the revenue streams
1:20 am
of a collegiate coach. they get paid from the school, from a shoe company, television deal, radio deal. and appearances. and we're college kids. we're pretty educated. we're like, "oh, you're getting real money." >> seth: yeah. >> and so just a stipend. maybe $2,500 a semester. >> seth: and that's not a lot of money. i think one of the things i remember from -- there was a great documentary about the fab five, you guys would walk by this sort of -- the student union where you see the store where they were selling fab five jerseys, you guys couldn't afford to buy that stuff. >> yeah, that's really indentured servitude, when you have a staff of people playing basketball in front of 20,000 people and millions watching on tv and you don't have to pay them anything. >> seth: yeah. >> that's a pretty good business model. >> seth: that's not bad at all. >> yes, indeed. yes, indeed. >> seth: i should figure that out with my staff. i really like that. i want to talk to you briefly -- you were a contributor for a long time of, a wonderful sports website that sadly shuttered its doors last week. that must be sad for you to see that happen. >> it's really sad. because i'm one of the only
1:21 am
that actually works for abc, espn, and works for grantland. >> seth: yeah. >> so many talented people started by the editor in chief, bill simmons, who is a friend of mine and the editor. i guess it was only a matter of time after he left espn to go to hbo, they were going to try to figure out if they were going to keep grantland going and they decided to go in another direction. but so many talented people, i think they'll eventually land on their feet. >> seth: i think so too. i certainly hope that for all of them. and congratulations on the book and thank you so much for being here. i really appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. my pleasure. >> seth: jalen rose, everybody. "got to give the people what they want" is in bookstores now. you can listen to "jalen and jacoby" on espn radio weeknights from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. we'll be back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] it's a long day and sometimes, an even longer night. helping with homework
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so, before we continue with the show, i've been noticing a lot of strange things happening in the studio and in my dressing room in the past few weeks. things being put in the wrong place, just general weirdness. so, i couldn't figure it out. it tv, very late. and i saw a commercial that i think shed some light on what's going on. but before i show it to you, before we take a look at it, i would like to ask the head electrician for "late night," bob friend, a quick question. hey, bob? >> seth: can you come over here [ laughter ] bob friend, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: bob, do you know what commercial i'm about to show? >> no. >> seth: is there anything you wanna say before i show it? >> no. [ laughter ]
1:27 am
roll it, alex. i'm bob friend. i'm the head electrician at "late night" with seth meyers. and boy, do i have a deal for you! >> deal! >> now introducing seth meyers unauthorized dressing room and studio tour. for $10, or 24 ounces of any domestic beer, you can have an all-access after hours tour of seth meyers's dressing room and studio and you can do whatever the hell you want. lay on seth's dressing room couch. drink seth's liquor. be a guitar dude. read seth's magazine. use seth's shower. after the shower, go ahead and put on one of seth's suits and, you know, play around in it or whatever! and if you are looking for a place to pound, we offer the seth meyers f shack special, where you can rent out his
1:28 am
increments. it comes with a water bottle of vodka and crystal light for just $24.99. 10% discount if you just had your prom. >> bob friend's unauthorized seth meyers's dressing room and studio tour. >> call 555-0199. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: bob? what do you have to say for >> that wasn't me. >> seth: oh, son of a bitch. we'll be right back with music from bryan adams.
1:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: tonight's musical guest is a multi-platinum selling and grammy award-winning artist who just released his 13th studio album, "get up!" performing "you belong to me," please welcome to the show, bryan adams. [ cheers and applause ] i take the night train i take an aeroplane 'cause you belong to me i just wanna say
1:30 am
i only wanna hold you i just wanna hold you c'mon let me hold you tonight you say ain't leaving i can't help dreaming you belong to me i take the highway i take the low way 'cause you belong to me i only wanna hold you i just wanna hold you
1:31 am
i'm not drinking gets me thinking you belong to me while you're out there remember i'm right here and you belong to me i only wanna hold you i just wanna hold you
1:32 am
tonight! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: bryan adams! the new album "get up!" is out now. my thanks to jon hamm, jalen rose, bryan adams, jon theodore, and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow.
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